Friday, August 7, 2009

Guy's Guide Takes on Void!

The absence of any sort of guy’s voice in today’s feminism is staggering. This is a problem. Men need to understand feminism. Feminism needs sincere male understanding in order to effect the changes it ultimately hopes to gain. Guys and feminism are practically always portrayed as being at odds or in conflict. And judging by the feminist blogs and websites from around the world, the lines of communication between men and women are still not open. Still, the fact remains that there is a vital place within broad discussions of feminism and the women’s movement for a genuine male perspective, one that sets aside the snarky male takes on the subject and enters into something a little more honest.

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism takes on this void. The blog is not a masculine critique of feminism, just as it does not subscribe to the satirical, insecure, and often downright hateful approaches of most men’s magazines and blogs on the subject. Grounded in the belief that anyone who can benefit from open thought on feminism should benefit, The Guy’s Guide is just that, a guide promoting male understanding of feminism in a way that supersedes the stereotypical images and lessons our culture passes down to us. After all, superseding stereotypes is a big reason why guys benefit from understanding feminism. By putting traditional ideas and expectations of themselves into new contexts, guys can develop new ideas and understandings of what it really means to be a man.

The Guide looks at feminism from the inside out:
  • Where do guys fit within feminism?
  • How can guys better understand their place in a world where feminism is a matter of fact?
These are valuable questions worth discussing not just because they carry cultural significance. Feminism is so much more than a catalogue of historical events or a series of arcane theories left to academics; it is one of our time’s most visceral and exciting movements. It’s in action across our entire landscape. From our home and work lives, what we watch and read, all the way down to the way we think and interpret the world in front of us, feminism is at work. And it involves everyone, men and women. Too often have discussions of feminism centered on men’s relationships towards women. The Guy’s Guide considers men’s relationships with women, with feminism.

While our blog’s title mentions guys specifically, The Guy’s Guide works in and promotes a spirit of inclusiveness. We encourage and hope that men and women of all ages, backgrounds and levels of interest read, comment on, and push each discussion further.

Welcome to The Guy’s Guide to Feminism!


Omar said...

Awesome new idea for a blog!! I took a course in feminism and politics for school last term and was surprised to see a number of men in the class! Almost a third, maybe. Really looking forward to reading the posts on this blog!! :D

Bad Fish said...

I appreciate this blog and look forward to new posts.

Marie said...

Omar and Bad Fish, your enthusiasm is contagious!

Omar: What made you go for the feminism and politics class?