Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If Only I Could have George Carlin as a Guest Blogger Here...


#kiwifingers said...

i love this.

Oxygene said...

Carlin hated feminists. He said so on stage in one of his last specials. Any group that takes themselves too seriously. And if you are aweare of his track of mind and way of thinking, he pretty much hated any group of people, especially those with a common agenda, and special insterest groups.

Carlin critisized everyone fairly. It just so happens, that men are bigger douches then women. That didn't make Carlin subscribe to the feminist agenda tho.

I agree 100% with everything he had to say. I think women would rule a better Earth, they would drive a better society, and they are more decent and reliable human beigns.

However I also agree with his notions on groups of people, and especially people with a common agenda